ASSOCIATE PASTOR POSITION (Installed, Exempt and Full-Time)

Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church – 6601 Bradley Boulevard, Bethesda, MD. 20817



The Position

Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church (BHPC), a joyful, thriving congregation of 680 members located in Bethesda, Maryland, is seeking a full-time Associate Pastor to partner with our congregation and staff in ministry.  Responsibilities include helping lead or strengthen small group and connectional ministries, providing pastoral care, supporting and leading worship, working with Deacons, helping support and/or lead the education and involvement of youth, encouraging congregational involvement in mission, developing, supporting and potentially leading summer mission trips, enhancing a sense of belonging and involvement in the congregation, working with interfaith partners, helping lead lay teams and carrying out general ministry in our diverse community, in partnership with our experienced staff and active congregation.


Our Church

BHPC is a welcoming, growing, congregation located in Bethesda, Maryland with an active pastoral team (Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Director of Christian Education, Director of Music, Coordinator of Spiritual Life, Parish Nurse, Parish Associates, etc.) and administrative team in place, a strong tradition of worship, education and music and a calling to be involved with mission in the world.  We have active partners on our wooded campus (including Bethesda Jewish Congregation, a Muslim worshiping community, Bradley Hills Nursery School, music therapy groups, pastoral counselors, and Friends’ Club – an Alzheimer’s care and support group, etc.).  We enjoy being in ministry with each other and seek an Associate Pastor who feels called to be in ministry with us.



Bradley Hills’ mission statement is to reflect God’s gracious love by following Christ’s example to welcome, nurture, heal and serve.


We are living out a strategic plan in which God is calling Bradley Hills to welcome visitors and members fully, nurture disciples in faith, heal through pastoral care and interfaith dialogue and serve our community and world.  Our next Associate Pastor will play a critical role in helping us connect, grow spiritually and live out our mission to be the church Christ is calling us to be.


Our charge is to grow disciples by fostering relationships and building community:  pouring our lives into the needs of others throughout our community and the world; making our church a space for spiritual refreshment, reconciliation, and interfaith dialogue and engagement; celebrating in worship through preaching, music, and arts; seeking to understand the theological, ethical and social issues we face in the world today; learning through listening, studying the Word and sharing in intergenerational small groups; and being a church where everyone has a deep sense of commitment and belonging.


We care deeply about social justice and are engaged in a number of conversations and activities about and related to our role in helping reduce systemic racism in our world.


Our core values include hospitality (we welcome others and embrace our differences), community (we seek to be a loving and caring Christian family), compassion (we respond to the pain and need of others), joy (we celebrate the abundance of God’s grace in our lives), beauty (we discover God with our eyes, our ears and our hearts), honesty (we seek and share the truth), integrity (we strive to live in accordance with Christ’s teachings), open-mindedness (we explore a diversity of ideas on our journey of faith) and stewardship (we share our, time, talents and financial resources).


Our Congregation

Our congregation brings together a variety of ages, professions, interests and backgrounds to fulfill the church’s mission.  Approximately fifty-four percent of the congregation is female and forty-six percent male.  Approximately sixty-eight percent of the congregation is married, eighteen percent single, and fourteen percent other (widowed, divorced, separated, partnered or unspecified). Vocationally, the congregation is diverse. Predominantly professionals, we have many members from the medical and scientific communities, and teachers from all levels – nursery school through university – both public and private. Other vocations include artists, non-profit and community leaders, journalists, CEOs, engineers, attorneys, consultants, and stay-at-home moms and dads. We have many families with young children, dual-income families who appreciate BHPC as a place to get their spiritual batteries recharged, and many members who are retired and bring considerable experience and insights to the church.  Though leading busy lives, our search for greater spiritual connections and our strong intellectual curiosity drives us to participate actively in the life and work of the church (including music, drama, teaching, flower arranging, and hospitality and community service). This highly educated congregation seeks intellectual engagement, and appreciates opportunities to explore faith issues or current issues through adult education, off-site book clubs and spiritual groups, Bible studies and active involvement in programs of the wider church, among other forums.


A Ministerial Information Form (MIF) is available in the Church Leadership Connection system at


Additional Information

The salary for this position is consistent with Presbytery guidance and includes a housing allowance.


For more detailed information, including streaming videos of our worship services, explore this website.


If interested, e-mail resume and/or PIF and references to address below:

APSC Chairperson: Joel Fickett

Daytime Phone: 301-365-2850