Bradley Hills individuals and groups advocate on behalf of a number of causes that resonate with their hearts, passions, and what is going on in our world. The only requirement is that causes endorsed by BHPC must have been endorsed by the General Assembly of the PCUSA. To learn more about current advocacy initiatives at BHCP or to get involved, contact one of the coordinators (listed below).

To join a local or global advocacy group, see Bethesda GreenMaryland and Greater Washington Interfaith Power and LightEnergy StarKilowatt Ours, and PC(USA) Office of Public Witness

If you are passionate about a specific concern not currently supported at BHPC, you can find others who work on advocacy in the broader Presbyterian Church. Contact Pastor David Gray if you wish to learn more, get involved, and/or lead an effort to involve others at BHPC.

In the case where PCUSA has not taken a position and members of Bradley Hills wish to lead the church in a direction, then approval of the Session is required to publicly advocate for that issue as a church entity.

To Review PCUSA’s Positions on Issues:

Current Advocacy Initiatives at BHPC

Creation Stewardship

  • Advocate for earth care and environmental causes

Gun Violence

  • Advocate to end gun violence

Ecumenical Advocacy

  • Represent BHPC positions at the larger church

Darfur Interfaith Network

  • Work with members of BJC and the larger community to support Darfur