Support justice all year and around the world. Each of these local and international choices is carefully vetted for bringing real change and for reaching groups that are often ignored or hidden. Review the range of options select those you wish to support.

Donations accepted through December 31, 11:59 PM.



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Alternative Giving 2021

Mission: to end poverty for one individual and one family after another.
Provision of basic needs
Comprehensive workforce readiness
Wellness programming
Long-term wraparound support.
Racial disparities that became so evident in COVID are addressed at A Wider Circle. December 2021 donations will support family needs in Highland Dwellings in Ward 8 in SE Washington
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Serving men & women with few financial resources who are living with HIV/AIDS in Montgomery County.
Provides case management, HIV outpatient services, dental care and counseling.
$100 supports the Client Fund, to offer emergency assistance for food and home essentials.
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3. The Women’s Collective
Counseling, health care and more for women & their families  living with HIV/AIDS
$50 for face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer – ESSENTIAL COVID SAFETY MEASURES for this vulnerable population
$100 provides 4 bags of food
$250 2 nights safe hotel stay for domestic violence victims
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4. Summer Mission Trip 2022
Our BHPC teams consist of our youth working hand in hand with adult members of the church. Relationships are built, new skills are learned, and mutual respect grows as the generations come together to serve others and address systemic inequities (click here to donate)




5. Village Health Teams in Buyobo, Eastern Uganda
Buyobo is the first community in Uganda to achieve a fully functioning Village Health Team.
Your strategic support for this volunteer effort has been key to its success.
In earlier years, funds have supported critical protective gear, clean water and essential latrines.
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6. EDEN at Faith, in Anacostia
A community garden called EDEN (Everyone Deserves to Eat Naturally) at Faith Presbyterian in Anacostia provides
Fresh produce
Nutrition education
Food sovereignty for local Ward 8 community
Eco conscious urban agriculture
Employment opportunities for local youth and young adults (click here to donate)


7. Peace in Israel/Palestine – New Story Leadership/NSL
Equips a new generation of Palestinian and Israeli young adult leaders to advocate for peace through personal narrative, and to implement projects for social change.  Your financial support helps sustain this valuable ongoing engagement in the face of pandemic-related challenges. Go to www.newstoryleadership.org (click here to donate)




8. Gaza Health Care/Al Ahli Arab Hospital
Christian hospitality and healing to those of all faiths for over 130 years
COVID and war have hit Gaza very hard.
$100 helps support health care in the region.
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9. Mexico, Kids First – Orthopedic Care & Surgery
Orthopedic missions to treat children in Guanajuato.
The volunteer medical team travels from the US each summer to perform life-changing surgeries to correct limb deformities for an average of 150 children from subsistence farm families, for whom treatment would not otherwise be available.
$100 helps offset cost of casts, crutches, specialized bandaging and covid protection. See www.kidsfirstortho.org (click here to donate)



10. Asia Pacific American Legal Resource Center (APALRC)
Washington DC-based organization that works to protect the civil and legal rights of low-income Asian immigrants in Metro-DC.
The APALRC accomplishes this mission by providing linguistically accessible and culturally appropriate assistance to those who need it most.
The program offers a three-prong strategy that combines community legal education, individual representation, and systemic advocacy.
$100 helps provide justice in our community (click here to donate)



11. GenOUT Choir for LGBTQ+ & Allies
GenOUT is DC area’s only vocal ensemble for LGBTQ+ & allied youth.
It gives these young people a voice and way to connect that voice to the larger community.
Sense of welcome, belonging and joy.
Please support GenOUT:
$100 supports online programming & music lessons (click here to donate)


12. Ethiopia/Oromia – Educating Girls
Support for this program keeps girls in school by providing a safety net (a mentor and a stipend).
In 2021 Ethiopia was wracked by war and COVID, yet the protective program called REAL kept students safe from both while completing their education. 12 girls passed the National Exam last year and 20 girls successfully completed high school this year – a stellar achievement for girls from rural areas of Oromia.
$50 for scholarship share
$360 for full scholarship
$50 extra needed per student for masks & sanitation for each term.
For more information visit https://www.real-africa.org/ (click here to donate)


13. Habitat for Humanity – Universal Design Homes for Disabled
Habitat for Humanity – Metro Maryland (HFH-MM)
Transforming lives through decent, affordable homes.
$35 buys a helping handrail.
$65 buys an adaptive light switch.
$80 buys shower grab bars
For more information about Montgomery County Habitat see (click here to donate)


14. Asia-Forman Christian College/Pakistan Supporting Muslim and Christian women
Support for women’s scholarships at Forman Christian College is a contribution to peace in a volatile part of the world.
At Forman, Muslims & Christians, rich & poor, rural & urban, men & women study together in mutual respect. In 2020-2021 Bradley Hills supported 9 women, 5 Muslims & 4 Christians. Tuition, room and board is $2000 for one year. A gift of any amount will go toward women’s education at FCCollege in Lahore, Pakistan.
See https://www.fccollege.edu.pk/ for more information.
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15. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Gifts of the Heart – Disaster Relief Kits
Assembled kits allow PDA to respond quickly and effectively. In recent years, more than 100,000 kits have been distributed (each year) abroad
$15+ for hygiene kit
$15+ for school kit
$75 for cleanup bucket kit (click here to donate)



16. Bethesda Cares—Compassionate Response
A Variety of Programs for the Homeless and Working Poor
Your donation can accomplish a lot …
$25 buys warm hats & gloves
$50 provides life-saving medications.
$75 helps pay a winter utility bill
$100 pays partial rents through the eviction prevention program
Extra funds are needed for sanitation, gloves and masks. (click here to donate)


17. Bethesda Help – Being There for Neighbors in Need
Bethesda Help provides
IMMEDIATE assistance for residents in the neighborhood at times of crisis.
Extra funds give flexibility to fill unexpected gaps, with a bag of groceries, a ride, a filled prescription, rent or utility assistance.  A volunteer force helps in emergencies. Volunteers needed. Commitment is one day per month. Pastor Gray and others volunteer one day each month. Gifts of $25, $35, $50, $75 allow Bethesda Help to assist neighbors exactly when they need us most (click here to donate)


18. Be a Friend to Friends Club
A gift of $105 covers the costs for activities and lunch, providing therapeutic session for the gentlemen and respite for home caregivers.
Friends Club has been a daytime home for several men in the early-to-mid stages of Alzheimer’s for up to 4 days a week. Reopened for careful in-person caregiving in September. (click here to donate)



19. Inter-FAITH in ACTION: Welcoming Refugees to Maryland
The Interfaith Refugee Family Support Initiative helps to integrate new refugees into our community with housing, employment, education, transportation and other direct assistance. Most recently our volunteers arranged housing setups for 4 newly-arrived Afghan refugee families.  Donations will enable us to help other families establish themselves in the US. (click here to donate)



20. Alternative Gifts General Fund – Support Justice All Year Long
This discretionary fund allows for a compassionate and immediate response in the coming year to issues and crises not yet known or anticipated.
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