Our deacons and scores of BHPC volunteers strive to connect our church family by facilitating fellowship and providing care to those in need.

What Do the Deacons Do?

  • Organize direct care to those in need
  • Organize memorial service receptions
  • Organize member contact, through visits, calls, and cards
  • Serve in-home communion
  • Host and organize the “Welcome Back Brunch” and in-home potlucks
  • Serve as “Deacon of the Week” to welcome worshipers and address concerns

Do you want to work with the Board of Deacons to help care for the congregation? Click here to learn more!

Who Are the Deacons?

The Board of Deacons consists of twelve deacons divided into three classes. A new class is elected each year at the December meeting of the congregation for a three-year term. There is also one youth deacon elected annually for a one-year term. 

The mission of the Board of Deacons is to:

1) Be a bridge between the Holy and the people
2) Listen, identify, and respond to those in need in the congregation
3) Model God’s compassion and hospitality
4) Serve with imagination and gladness of heart

How Can I Get Involved in Caring for the Congregation?

For those with just a little time:

  • Prepare and/or deliver meals
  • Deliver worship service flowers
  • Drive members to services, events, or medical appointments
  • Visit home-bound members
  • Call members
  • Prepare and send cards

For those with more time:  

  • Help organize and serve at memorial service receptions
  • Help plan the annual Welcome Back Brunch
  • Organize in-home potluck dinners
  • Help plan fellowship activities that will connect church members

For more information or to volunteer, contact the Deacon Moderator.

Do You Feel Called to be a Deacon?

Individuals who feel they may be called to this ministry should contact either pastor. Additionally, during nominating season, you may also self-nominate by following procedures outlined in church communications at that time.  Deacons are nominated by our BHPC Nominating Committee in the fall of each year and elected by the congregation.