If you have health concerns, you’re not alone. Our full-time faith community nurse is here to help you and your family.


We are blessed to have a highly experienced, full-time faith community nurse, Joanie Friend, serving our congregation.  She is asked to help with a broad array of health care transitions, from first-time moms and baby care to hospital and post-hospitalization planning to elder care and family support during end of life decision making. 

One of her specialties is facilitating discussions among family members at particularly difficult times. Joanie helps individuals and families better understand their health care options and discern the best choices for their situations.

You can contact Joanie by email or by calling 301-365-2850, ext. 518.

What is a Faith Community Nurse?

A faith community nurse is a spiritually mature and experienced registered nurse who promotes health and healing within the community of faith. She works with the pastors, educators, and deacons to assess and support the health needs of individuals and the faith community as a whole.

What does a Faith Community Nurse Do?

Health Care Support:

  • Visiting hospital, nursing home and private homes to assess situations and help with discharge planning, including:
    • Helping with support for meals and transportation
    • Assessing accessibility and safety issues
  • Helping the newly diagnosed understand their conditions and medications
  • Making pre- or post-natal visits
  • Providing assistance in managing ongoing chronic diseases


  • Visiting a variety of independent and nursing facilities with families
  • Facilitating family decision making around transition care
  • Counseling around end of life planning


  • Acting as a patient advocate wth other health care professionals and within the family
  • Serving as a community liaison

Education and Screening:

  • Arranging, conducting health education classes
  • Screening for blood pressure
  • Arrranging, conducting parenting education classes
  • Researching, providing health education materials

Additional Educational & Planning Resources:

Click on the following links to download these Word documents and save them to your personal computer before completing them: