Elders: Lay Leadership of the Church

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Presbyterian Church is its pattern of church government, which vests authority in ruling elders elected and ordained by the people. The ruling elders work together with the ministers to lead and govern the church, both spiritually and in administrative management. 

Bradley Hills has twelve ruling adult elders and one youth elder. Together with the ministers, they form the “session.” Adult session members are elected to serve three year terms. Youth elders serve one year terms.

Our nominating group puts forth names for congregational voting annually. Anyone who feels called to this type of service and is interested in learning more should contact David Gray.

Lay Ministries: Lay Leadership of the Church’s Ministries

Participation on a Lay Ministry is one of the most fulfilling ways to participate in the life of the church—to gain both the satisfaction of making a difference and to build deep friendships along the way. 

Current Lay Ministries at BHPC

  • Adult Education: Plans and organizes all adult education programs. Identifies topics of interest, obtains speakers, advertises upcoming programs, and facilitates each educational event.
  • Congregational Life: Organizes coffee hour hosting and works with the deacons on all church events.
  • Education and Nurture: Plans and organizes all children’s programs—from nursery and toddler care on Sundays to building teaching teams for all children through elementary school. Plans and organizes all youth programs, including Sunday fellowship and mission trips. Organizes the Friday play group.
  • Financial Stewardship: Oversees the financial health of the church.
  • Mission Coordination: Coordinates all mission and service initiatives in the community, the greater church, the United States, and other countries. Coordinates advocacy initiatives. Coordinates the annual alternative giving and Angel Gift Tree program.
  • Nominating: Calls individuals to service as deacons and ruling elders. Works to identify individuals with interests in service on individual lay ministries.
  • Outreach and New Membership: Plans and organizes all community outreach initiatives to encourage new visitors to church. Encourages the welcoming of visitors and supports the Exploring Membership Class. Helps facilitate new member entry into the life of the church.
  • Parish Administration: Oversees making the church as a whole work more smoothly, including managing the church calendar and records, facilitating communication between ministries, managing equipment needs, and training the lay leadership.
  • Personnel: Oversees all aspects of personnel management at the church, including organizing job descriptions of all positions, organizing search committees when positions become vacant, and obtaining feedback on performance annually.
  • Property Management: Oversees all aspects of managing the physical resources of the church—the building and property. Conducts audits and develops plans to save energy and maintain our building/site
  • Worship and Arts: Oversees all aspects of worship, from greeter/usher teams to the music and drama to the sound and video systems to the teams of people who prepare the sanctuary for worship.