We support prayer in a variety of forms. One definition of prayer says that it is the practice of the presence of God. Here at Bradley Hills, we provide many opportunities for the practice of the presence of God.

Prayer Support for Concerns and Celebrations

Our pastors, our faith community nurse, our counselling staff, and a large prayer chain of congregational members will pray with and for anyone who requests it. Additionally, after worship each Sunday there is a “Deacon of the Day” available in the outer office to pray with anyone privately. You can also talk to a pastor before or after worship about your desire to pray with someone.  

To request prayer support, click here.

In addition, every Sunday morning during worship we have a time when everyone can raise concerns and celebrations.

Meditative Prayer: Practicing the Presence of God

Walking the Labyrinth

Bradley Hills has a labyrinth for all who desire to discover and experience this ancient form of meditation. Labyrinths have been around for thousands of years; they are known all over the world as one of the oldest contemplative and transformational tools known to mankind. We welcome everyone in our surrounding community to try it and discover the mystery of this sacred practice.

In walking the labyrinth we follow a path that takes us in and out, toward and away from its center; this physical movement supports an inward movement toward our own centers. Labyrinths are metaphors for life journeys, with their twists and turns, feeling of being lost, and insights or new awareness as individuals leave. There is no “right way” to walk the labyrinth; we ask only that silence be observed out of respect for others.   

Evening Vespers During Advent and Lent

  • Wednesday Evenings at 7:30 During Lent and Advent in the Sanctuary
  • Led by the Pastors

During the two periods of preparation in our church calendar (Lent and Advent), we provide a weekly Wednesday evening service of prayer, music, scripture and reflection. 

Yoga Ministry

Click here for more information.

Annual Women’s Spiritual Retreat

We offer a women’s spiritual retreat one weekend every spring. These retreats are wonderful opportunities to take time out from our usual routines to connect with ourselves, God, and one other in a beautiful natural setting. Retreat locations vary, but they are generally about an hour from Bradley Hills.