Stewardship: Ways for You to Give

Stewardship 2023

This has been a challenging and disruptive year, but we are truly blessed. We have experienced a world of change, loss, and challenge. In this new world, there is enormous need for the continued mission and ministry of Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church.

To continue to explore ways to worship, learn, serve, and connect, we need YOU to participate in the 2023 Stewardship Campaign. Please take a few minutes to read our 2023 Stewardship Brochure and consider your financial commitment to Bradley Hills for 2023. Your pledge will make a difference.  Click the links below for our 2023 Stewardship materials:

Stewardship Brochure 2023

Witnessing Our Stewardship Articles (Click Here) 


Ways to Pledge

  • Click here to make your PLEDGE online.  If you have not created a Realm login, please contact Linda Reynolds to get an updated invitation.
  • Click here to access your 2023 Stewardship Commitment Card. Download, print, and mail it into the church.


Ways to Give                                   

Click Here to Give Online Now

BHPC’s Stewardship theme – Abundant Blessing, Abundant Gratitude, Abundant Giving – continues to frame the life our church.  Even during this time when we cannot gather in person, we hope that each of you can discern how God continues to shower his blessings on us all – individually and as a church family – and in gratitude for those blessings, give abundantly to support God’s work at BHPC.

We want to ensure that everyone is aware of the many methods of giving that are available, whether you are a long-time BHPC member, a virtual visitor, or looking to simplify your giving habits.  So, here is a comprehensive list of the ways you can give to BHPC.

Check: You can mail a check to Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church. Or, you can set up automated bill payment through your bank, and the bank will mail a check to the church at a frequency and amount you choose.  For all checks, you can indicate a special designation by indicating that in the memo field; gifts without a designation will be directed to general giving.

Please make all checks payable to “Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church” and send checks to:


Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church

6601 Bradley Blvd.

Bethesda, MD  20817


Online: Give immediately using your bank account for an Automated Clearing House (ACH) bank transaction or use your credit/debit card. All methods of online giving will direct you to Realm, BHPC’s virtual connection tool, where you can securely enter any giving amount; designate which “fund” should receive your donation (e.g., “General Giving,” the “Annual Pledge” or even the “Easter Fund”); and choose whether to make a one-time donation or a recurring donation and how you want to give; by credit/debit card or by ACH transaction.  For all online giving, you will need a credit or debit card or your bank account information.  All methods of online giving incur a processing expense for the church. To help offset this expense, the donor is offered the opportunity to contribute 1.5% of the gift amount for ACH transactions and 3% of the gift amount for credit/debit card transactions.


There are three methods of online giving:

  • The “Give Now” Button:  Simply click the red “Give Now” button found on the top right corner of the BHPC website and you will be directed to Realm.
  • Log into Realmvia the App or from your computer and choose the “Giving” option.
  • Text “BHPC” space dollar amount (ex. “BHPC 150” for a $150 gift) to 73256 and follow the link.

Donors can setup online giving by providing the information for credit/debit card, for ACH transactions, or for both.  If both giving options are setup for a donor, the selection of which donation method to used is made at the time of each gift or when setting up recurring gifts.


Gifts of Securities (e.g., stocks, bonds, etc.):  Transferring securities to Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church’s brokerage account is a great way to donate appreciated securities to the church.

If your securities are held by a broker, you can instruct your broker to transfer either a specific number of shares or specific dollar value of a security to Bradley Hills’ brokerage account.  The brokerage account information for Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church is:


Brokerage House: AXA Advisors, LLC

Address: For express service delivery:
1055 LPL Way, Fort Mill, SC 29715-7501
PO Box 7501, Fort Mill, SC  29715
Telephone: 1-866-487-7508
Account Number: 7542-0632
DTC Number: 0075

In addition to instructing your broker, we ask that you send a letter of instruction to Jan Spencer with the name and the number of shares of the securities given, the date of transfer, and any special purpose you may want to designate. For tax purposes, gifts of securities will be recognized on the date they are received by the church.

If you hold your securities in paper form, please contact Jan Spencer for specific instructions.


Don’t forget, for your gift to be tax-deductible in the current calendar year, the gift must be postmarked or received by the church by December 31 of that yearWe also recommend that you seek the advice of your broker, accountant or other qualified financial professional before making a gift of securities.

 If you have questions, please contact Jan Spencer at the church office 301-365-2850 or by e-mail