There are several ways that one can make financial contributions to Bradley Hills.  They are:

  • Write a check and place it in the offering plate, bring it to the office during the week, or mail it to the church.
  • Place cash in your envelope and place the envelope  in the offering plate.
  • Use automated bill payment service through your bank so that the bank mails a check directly to the church. The frequency and amount are controlled by you, the donor.
  • Transfer securities to Bradley Hills’ brokerage account. This is a great way to donate appreciated securities to the church while avoiding capital gains taxes by the donor. Be sure the broker initializing the transfer has the correct BHPC brokerage information and you send a letter of instruction to Amy de Court indicating the gift and its purpose. The brokerage account information is:

Brokerage House: AXA Advisors, LLC
Address: LPL Financial
4707 Executive Drive
San Diego, CA 92121-3091

Telephone: 1-866-487-7508
Account Number: 7542-0632
DTC Number: 0075

Don’t forget, for your gift to be tax deductible in 2017, the gift must be postmarked orreceived by the church by December 31, 2017. Since the church office will be closed on Saturday and Sunday, December 30 and 31, please bring your gifts to church services on Sunday, December 31, deliver your gift prior to December 30, or be sure it is postmarked by December 31, 2017.

If you have questions, please contact Amy de Court at the church office 301-365-2850 or by e-mail